Thunderous by M.L. Smoker & Natalie Peeterse
Illustrated by Dale Ray DeForest
  • Graphic Novel
  • Dynamite Entertainment (2022)
  • SKU: 9781948206464
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If Aiyana hears one more traditional Lakota story, she'll scream! More interested in her social media presence than her Native American heritage, Aiyana is shocked when she suddenly finds herself in a magical world-with no cell coverage!

Pursued by the trickster Raven, Aiyana struggles to get back home, but is helped by friends and allies she meets along the way. Her dangerous journey through the Spirit World tests her fortitude and challenges her to embrace her Lakota heritage. But will it be enough to defeat the cruel and powerful Raven?

Thunderous by M.L. Smoker & Natalie Peeterse
M.L. Smoker & Natalie Peeterse
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