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The Mighty Red by Louise Erdrich
A story of love, natural forces, spiritual yearning, and the tragic impact of uncontrollable circumstances on ordinary people’s lives.

History is a flood. The mighty red...

First printing, first edition. Signed by Louise.
Preorder now! Ships Nov 19th.
The Serviceberry by Robin Wall Kimmerer
Abundance and Reciprocity in the Natural World: A bold and inspiring vision for how to orient our lives around gratitude, reciprocity, and community, based on the lessons of the natural world.

The author is donating all proceeds to land trusts for nature conservation!
Anishinaabe Songs for a New Millennium by Marcie R. Rendon
Anishinaabe Songs for a New Millennium
Marcie R. Rendon
Wandering Stars by Tommy Orange
Wandering Stars
Tommy Orange
Fire Exit by Morgan Talty
Fire Exit
Morgan Talty
Where Wolves Don't Die by Anton Treuer
Where Wolves Don't Die
Anton Treuer