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The Mighty Red by Louise Erdrich
A story of love, natural forces, spiritual yearning, and the tragic impact of uncontrollable circumstances on ordinary people’s lives.

History is a flood. The mighty red...

First printing, first edition. Signed by Louise.
Signed by the author!
Wandering Stars by Tommy Orange
"No one knows how to express tenderness and yearning like Tommy Orange. " —Louise Erdrich

Tommy Orange once again delivers a story that is piercing in its poetry, sorrow, and rage and is a devastating indictment of America's war on its own people.
Moon of the Turning Leaves by Waubgeshig Rice
Moon of the Turning Leaves
Waubgeshig Rice
An Indigenous Present edited by Jeffrey Gibson
An Indigenous Present
Jeffrey Gibson
The Berry Pickers by Amanda Peters
The Berry Pickers
Amanda Peters