Our Peerless Staff

Carolyn Anderson

(Diné/Navajo) Carolyn is the Birchbark Native Arts webstore manager. Her taste in books varies depending on her mood, but these days she finds herself most interested in reading about the lives of people and therefore has been gravitating toward memoir, but she enjoys fiction as well. A lover of animals and nature, Carolyn is an artist at heart that works with many different types of materials. Lately, she finds herself making beaded earrings, which can be purchased at birchbarknativearts.com/beadwork or etsy.com/shop/beautybeforemestudio

Jack Theis

(Citizen of the Manitoba Métis Federation) Jack is an Anishinaabe-Michif bookseller and beadworker with a background in Native Studies. Besides expanding his own artistic practice, he hopes to collaborate with other Native artists as well as Native writers, designers, and filmmakers. Jack is passionate about Ojibwe language revitalization and also tries to stay involved with his European communities. He is an avid fan of O-Zone, both the band and the layer.

Halee Kirkwood

(Fond du Lac Ojibwe) Halee is a poet and teaching artist in love with wetlands, obscure birds and plants, and public transportation. You may find them teaching writing classes at The Loft Literary Center and Hamline University when not at Birchbark. Their favorite part of bookselling is recommending poetry collections to readers just getting into the genre. Some of their favorite poets are Natalie Diaz, Kazim Ali, Heid Erdrich, and Frank O'Hara.

Nadine Teisberg

Nadine is an avid reader, especially dedicated to science fiction. She's currently in graduate school at St. Kate's for her master's in Library and Information Science. Born and raised on Madeline Island in Northern Wisconsin, Lake Superior has her heart. She lives in Minneapolis with her overflowing bookshelves and two cats, Pig and Burger.

Anthony Ceballos

(Ojibwe) Anthony is a poet/bookseller/enthusiastic reader/alright cook. If you don't catch him working at Birchbark, you might find him around town at a poetry reading or holed up in a cafe writing his angsty goth heart out over a turkey sandwich. He believes the best poems start with a pen and paper. Sometimes he tries to write essays. These attempts are not always successful. He is a first generation descendant of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe.

Will Fraser

Will is a musician and speculative thinker based in the Twin Cities.

Evelyn Vocu

(Oglala Lakota) Evelyn is an artist, writer, and improv actress. Some of her favorite pastimes include snuggling with her cat, hoarding books, making travel plans that might not happen, and watching movies - specifically science fiction, horror, and cheesy movies like you'd find on Mystery Science Theater 3000. She also has an affinity for coffee, and has been on a personal quest to try as many coffee shops as possible in the Twin Cities, so feel free to ask her for coffee shop recommendations!

Kate Day

Kate juggles our bills and everything else besides.

Nathan Pederson

Nathan gives his time and love to carefully construct and manage this website. Also buys books.

Christian Pedersen

Christian is a printmaker and researcher with this soft spot for cheese. Kan norsk.

Kate Porter

Cat lady and Fantasy book lover, Kate is a wanderer whose feet are grateful for a place to stand at Birchbark Books.