Our Dogs


(Owner of Louise)

The Marrow Thieves has the most evocative Indigenous speculative fiction premise—Caucasian people have stopped dreaming and are going mad. Indigenous people have dreams stored in their marrow, so they are being hunted down and harvested. Freaky and feels true. Dimaline's first book is a hurtling dystopian adventure, and her second book, Empire of Wild, is also a hunt, but a desperate romantic adventure. Dimaline is Métis, or Michif, and she writes about a traditional hybrid monster who may have stolen her husband's soul. Creepy and also feels true. Cherie Dimaline is an eerie storyteller with a gift for the propulsive narrative!


(Owner of Kate and Elsie)

I entered this world from South Dakota, but traveled far to join forces with a girl who dreamed of me for what seemed to be an eternity. It was Make-A-Wish® that made our union possible. My love for my human mommy is boundless, for I am at her side through it all. My human loves humor, and my job is also to entertain her. Since I am a Pug, it comes easy for me to amuse. I am the Jester to my Queen. My Queen finds it difficult most times to pick up this thing that smells very similar to the tall living wood structures outside that she encourages me to pee on. Humans spend many hours looking at these objects, and it appears that it offers some enjoyment. Our palace has many of these items, and the Dowager Queen insists that they are coveted. It is my desire to comply, so we relished The Girl with the Louding Voice by Abi Daré. We were swooped through 14-year-old Adunni’s journey and could hardly step away from her story. Adunni is a strong, stubborn fighter who has the reader laugh during the most unexpected moments. Adunni’s experiences is a reminder of the injustices of this world, but provides hope that the human spirit can be victorious over malice. This novel would not be a waste of anyone’s time.


(Owner of Nadine)

Deceivingly simple and concise, every sentence packs a punch. A short, perfect novel. I have never considered what the life of an interpreter would look like, but now it's all I can think about. This book consumed me and I will be thinking about it for a long time.


(Owner of Halee)

As Minneapolis's official Queen Of The Night, Nani reads a lot of poetry beneath the full moon. Right now, she's obsessed with Full-Metal Indigenqueer by Joshua Whitehead. Admittedly, Nani was intimidated at first by the formal experimentation in this book, and had it on her secret pile of to-be-reads for a long time. What can she say, cats aren't used to reading poetry that incorporates visual elements of binary code! As soon as Nani committed to reading this book, however, she finished it before moon-down. These poems re-appropriate the voices of pop culture icons and classical literature authors into personas for the collection's main voice, a hybridized trickster-type named Zoa. Nani loved the formal experimentation and clever wordplay in these poems, and her favorites in the collection include "The GarbageEater", "The Perseids" and "Full-Metal Oji-Cree".


(Soon to be owner of Jack)

My name is Landback and I was abandoned by the side of the road one day. A nice human took me in and has invited another human named Jack to come and see if he wants to give me a new home. This human would make a great friend, as we both seem to love the graphic novel series A Girl Called Echo by Katherena Vermette, which I spotted sticking out of his backpack. follows the story of a Métis girl who is transported back and fourth between a seemingly dreary life in modern day Winnipeg and the exciting, but turbulent 19th century prairies of the Métis homeland. From hunting camps to the Red River Resistance and the Battle of Batoche, A Girl Called Echo recounts the history of the Métis Nation through beautiful storytelling and illustrations. From her time traveling, Echo is imparted with ancestral wisdom, confidence, compassion, and a newfound appreciation for her community. Hopefully Jack will adopt me and then I can sit in a big comfy chair by a fire as he curls up at my feet and reads the latest volume of the series.

Strangely Feline

(Owner of Anthony)

Strangely Feline recommends Klara and the Sun: "It's hard to say anything about this book without feeling like I might be giving something away. Every page feels utterly vital to the plat development. A literal page turner! This novel is an examination of many things: connection, desire, friendship, love, the energies that divide us and the environment that surrounds us...all revolving around an A.I. named Klara. An absolute must read for humans and cats, err...I mean dogs, alike. Woof."


(Owner of Evelyn)

Mia is the snowy guardian of Evelyn and all of Evelyn's material goods. A bashful little being hailing from parts unknown, she is pure white of fur and constantly sings the language of her people. When she's not snuggling up to the only human she loves, she is sleeping out of the reach of humans or is drinking water by dipping her paw in it like a cookie into milk. She is also a very adventurous girl, and so she happily recommends the Atlas Obscura for her reading suggestion!