The Rock in My Throat

The Rock in My Throat by Kao Kalia Yang

The Rock in My Throat

Illustrated by Jiemei Lin
  • Hardcover
  • Carolrhoda Books (2024)
  • SKU: 9781728445687
Regular price $19.00
Available March 5, 2024

At first, no one noticed when I stopped talking at school.

In this moving true story, Kao Kalia Yang shares her experiences as a young Hmong refugee navigating life at home and at school. Having seen the poor treatment her parents received when making their best efforts at speaking English, she no longer speaks at school. Kalia feels as though a rock has become lodged in her throat, and it grows heavier each day. Although the narrative is somber, it is also infused with moments of beauty, love, and hope.

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