The Hatak Witches by Devon A. Mihesuah

The Hatak Witches

The Hatak Witches

  • Paperback
  • University of Arizona (2021)
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After a security guard is found dead and another wounded at the Children’s Museum of Science and History in Norman, Oklahoma, Detective Monique Blue Hawk and her partner Chris Pierson are summoned to investigate. They find no fingerprints, no footprints, and no obvious means to enter the locked building.

Monique discovers that a portion of an ancient and deformed skeleton had also been stolen from the neglected museum archives. Her uncle, the spiritual leader Leroy Bear Red Ears, concludes that the stolen remains are those of Hatak haksi, a witch and the matriarch of the Crow family, a group of shape-shifting Choctaws who plan to reestablish themselves as the powerful creatures they were when the tribe lived in Mississippi. Monique, Leroy, and Chris must stop the Crows, but to their dread, the entities have retreated to the dark and treacherous hollow in the center of Chalakwa Ranch. The murderous shape-shifters believe the enormous wild hogs, poisonous snakes, and other creatures of the hollow might form an adequate defense for Hatak haksi.

But what no one counts on is the unexpected appearance and power of the Old Ones who guard the lands of the Choctaw afterlife. Blending tribal beliefs and myths into a modern context, The Hatak Witches continues the storyline of Choctaw cosmology and cultural survival that are prominent in Devon A. Mihesuah’s award-winning novel, The Roads of My Relations.

“A Native American woman detective is called to the local museum to investigate a murder. A man and his son out hunting come upon a gruesomely slain deer. The owner of the Chalakwa Ranch and his wife witness a dark entity on their land that causes all of the winged beings to flee in a panic. This mystery novel, set in contemporary Oklahoma, tells of tribal magic, dark powers, and forces that manipulate and collide into the present day, causing these characters’ lives to tumble into chaos and to reckon with the otherworldly and supernatural.”—Tiffany Midge, author of Bury My Heart at Chuck E. Cheese’s

“Devon Mihesuah’s The Hatak Witches is a sharp, smart, supernatural thriller that you won’t be able to put down.”—Erika T. Wurth, author of Crazy Horse's Girlfriend

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