The Fourth World: An Indian Reality by George Manuel & Michael Posluns

The Fourth World: An Indian Reality

  • Paperback
  • University of Minnesota Press (2019)
  • SKU: 9781517906061
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A foundational work of radical anticolonialism, back in print.

Originally published in 1974, The Fourth World is a critical work of Indigenous political activism that has long been out of print. George Manuel, a leader in the North American Indian movement at that time, with coauthor journalist Michael Posluns, presents a rich historical document that traces the struggle for Indigenous survival as a nation, a culture, and a reality. The authors shed light on alternatives for coexistence that would take place in the Fourth World—an alternative to the new world, the old world, and the Third World. Manuel was the first to develop this concept of the "fourth world" to describe the place occupied by Indigenous nations within colonial nation-states. Accompanied by a new Introduction and Afterword, this book is as poignant and provocative today as it was when first published.

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