The Book of Bearings by Diane Glancy

The Book of Bearings

The Book of Bearings

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  • Cascade Books (2019)
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The Book of Bearings puts the puzzle pieces of the New World together without a picture on the puzzle box. The characters struggle to situate themselves between what they were and what they are supposed to become. The poems include voices from the mid-nineteenth-century Cherokee Female Seminary in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and the mid-twentieth-century Eskimo experience in Alaska, as well as personal narratives. This book addresses the Native American process of assimilation from first contact through education in the civilized world. It is a view of that world from the eyes of those who were seen as the conquered. The Book of Bearings seeks its bearing in a shifting world. Often it focuses on the effects of Christianity. The characters use the new language to frame their various experiences. They use language as a tool for understanding what cannot fully be understood, which, for the believer, is the transformation in Christ when he left the world charged with his light. "

"Late in this book, in a letter to an absent friend, Diane Glancy writes, 'May your words continue to travel.' I had the same thought about her own words. I'd like to scatter pages from this book the way the sower in the parable scattered seed."" —John Wilson, Englewood Review of Books

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