The Blue Roses

The Blue Roses by Linda Boyden

The Blue Roses

Illustrated by Amy Cordova
  • Paperback
  • Lee & Low Books (2002)
  • SKU: 9781600606557
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Every spring Rosalie and her grandfather (Papa) sow tiny seeds that blossom into bright vistas of flowers and vegetables. A red rosebush that is planted under Rosalie's bedroom window when she is born, is later joined by pink and yellow ones "to make a sunset." When Rosalie asks for a blue bush to represent the sky, Papa explains that roses do not come in blue. The winter after Papa dies,

Rosalie's blue roses come to her in a dream, symbolizing love, memory, and transcendence.

With gentle words and magical images, this contemporary Native American story tenderly embraces the natural cycle of life.

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