Tala Learns to Siva by Kealani Netane

Tala Learns to Siva

Tala Learns to Siva

Illustrated by Dung Ho
  • Hardcover
  • Orchard Books (2024)
  • SKU: 9781338859317
Regular price $18.99

A lovingly empowering story about finding courage and strength in your family, history, and community through a traditional and cherished Samoan dance, taualuga. Written by debut author, Kealani Netane, and illustrated by New York Times bestselling illustrator, Dung Ho.

Tala wishes that she could dance the traditional Samoan dance, the taualuga, just like her Aunty Sina. But Tala's legs are too bouncy, her arms are too stiff, and she doesn't have Aunty's 'glow' when she dances. When Tala prepares to perform at her Grandma's birthday, she freezes on the stage. Will she find the strength and inspiration to help her dance?

Newcomer Kealani Netane crafts a heartwarming story about finding your inner strength through the love and guidance of your family. New York Times bestselling illustrator Dung Ho's cheerful colors and sweet characters bring this loving story to life, making this the perfect gift for little ones who are learning how to follow their hearts and make their own paths.

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