Taíno: A Novel by José Barreiro

Taino: A Novel

Taino: A Novel

  • Paperback
  • Fulcrum Publishing (2023)
  • SKU: 9781682753484
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The story of what really happened when Columbus arrived in the "New World," as told by the Taâino people who were impacted In 1532, an elderly Taâino man named Guaikâan sits down to write his story-an in-depth account of what happened when Columbus landed on Caribbean shores in 1492. As a boy, Guaikâan was adopted by Columbus, uniquely positioning him to tell the story of Columbus's "discovery," directing our gaze where it rightfully belongs-on the Indigenous people for whom this land had long been home.

Revised and updated by author Josâe Barreiro (himself a descendant of the Taâino people), with new information and a new introduction, this richly imagined novel updates Guaikâan's carefully crafted narrative, chronicling what happened to the Taâino people when Columbus arrived and how their lives and culture were ruptured. Through Guaikâan's story, Barreiro penetrates the veil that still clouds the "discovery" of the Americas and in turn gives readers a much-needed glimpse into what really happened in 1492 and its continued impact on our world today

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