Siha Tooskin Knows the Best Medicine by Charlene Bearhead & Wilson Bearhead

Siha Tooskin Knows the Best Medicine

Illustrated by Chloe Bluebird Mustooch
  • Paperback
  • Highwater Press (2020)
  • SKU: 9781553798408
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Antibiotics, bandages, cough syrup, ointment, pills...modern medicine has so much to offer when we become ill. But is it actually modern?

When Siha Tooskin—Paul Wahasaypa—finds himself not feeling at all well he learns that there are answers for him from the healing practices of his own people and from Western medicine. Pay a hospital visit to Paul as he learns more about where "modern medicine" really comes from and how we can all benefit from Indigenous and Western healers as Paul seeks the best medicine for his own wellness.

The Siha Tooskin Knows series uses vivid narratives and dazzling illustrations in contemporary settings to share stories about an 11-year-old Nakota boy.

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