One Native Life by Richard Wagamese

One Native Life

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  • Douglas & McIntyre (2009)
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One Native Life is Richard Wagamese’s look back at the long road he traveled in reclaiming his identity. It's about the things he's learned as a human being, a man, and an Ojibway. Whether he's writing about playing baseball, running away with the circus, listening to the wind, or meeting Johnny Cash, these are stories told in a healing spirit. Through them, Wagamese shows how to appreciate life for the remarkable learning journey it is.

"Delicate and strangely beautiful, each vignette (written in early dawn) seems to radiate from point to luminous point...This is the language of trauma and its miraculous recovery, a beautiful and important Canadian work." (Globe & Mail 2008-08-26)

"Each story — almost without exception — is positive and uplifting, meaningful and supportive of his new, well-anchored life. All of his memories are formed from the vantage point of where he is now, a tribute to the qualities of memoir...Grounded as he now appears to be, and secure in his identity, Richard Wagamese in his 50s may be just hitting his stride." (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix 2008-09-13)

"In quiet tones and luminous language, Wagamese shares his hurts and insights and joys, inviting readers to find the ways in which they are joined to him and to consider how they might be joined to others." (Winnipeg Free Press 2008-09-21)

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One Native Life by Richard Wagamese
One Native Life
Richard Wagamese
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