Navajo Code Talkers by Nathan Aaseng

Navajo Code Talkers: America's Secret Weapon in World War II

  • Paperback
  • Walker & Company (1994)
  • SKU: 9780802776273
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On the Pacific front during World War II, strange messages were picked up by American and Japanese forces on land and at sea. The messages were totally unintelligible to everyone except a small select group within the Marine Corps: the Navajo code talkers-a group of Navajos communicating in a code based on the Navajo language. This code, the first unbreakable one in U.S. history, was a key reason that the Allies were able to win in the Pacific.

"Navajo Code Talkers" tells the story of the special group, who proved themselves to be among the bravest, most valuable, and most loyal of American soldiers during World War II.

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