Miigwech Blue - Education Edition by Nashke Native Games

Miigwech Blue Trading Game - Education Edition

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An Ojibwe language card trading game. This fun trade goods game will have players scrambling for collecting goods and trading with other players in the game!

The word Miigwech takes form during the fur trade era. It‘s a combination of the words “Mii”, which means it is thus and “Gwech” meaning Enough. These words would commonly be used together at the end of transactions at the trading post between Ojibwe and the European traders as to signify the completion of a transaction. After thousands and thousands of these transactions these words morphed into one word. Changing the meaning of Mii Gwech (it is enough) to Miigwech. “Thank you”.

Each color edition (black, blue, red) of the Miigwech trading game contains a different set of trade goods. You can add them all together to play one large game!

The Education Edition comes with a glossary and more information about the game!

Trade cards included: tobacco, birchbark basket, blanket, trap, kettle, Wenabozho, Mishibizhiiw

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