Makizinataagewin: The Moccasin Game by Nashke Native Games

Makizinataagewin: The Moccasin Game

Makizinataagewin: The Moccasin Game

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Many different communities and tribes have their own version of the moccasin game. The moccasin game is a gambling game, often played with teams. Historically, for Anishinaabe people, it was traditionally only played by men. The game was originally played using moccasins. Over time the game evolved to using moccasin tops or decorative mitts. There are a number of different ways to play the moccasin game. Traditionally, each team has a singer, who drums and sings when their team is hiding the marbles.

Part of the game play includes encouraging your team, while teasing and trying to trick the other team as they guess. The scoring of the game can be very complex depending on the community rules. We have created a simplified set of gameplay instructions to engage players of all ages in understanding the Moccasin Game.

This interpretation of the Moccasin Game will be played using tiles, instead of moccasins and marbles/beads. This Moccasin Game is intended as an introduction to the traditional version of Makizinataagewin. We encourage you to learn about the traditional version of this game from an elder or game carrier in your community.

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