Make - Lakota Language Game - Education Edition

Lakota Make - Education Edition

Lakota Make - Education Edition

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  • Native Teaching Aids (2020)
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Through this card game, learn about the language and culture of the Lakota people while making and selling items at market. Following the understanding that everyone contributes within the power of a circle, players share their unused cards with the next player. Learn: the rooms of the house, basic conversation phrases, deductive reasoning skills, and immersive group conversation.

-For ages 8 and up
-Speaker level : Beginner
-Three to Six Players
-Early Learner Accessible.

Education Edition includes a glossary, extended instructions and may include more cards.

Classroom Use: Students will learn cultural items and how to converse in this immersive language game designed to enhance deductive reasoning skills and practice conversation. For groups of three to six players aged 10 and up.

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