Elk in the House - Lakota Language Game - Education Edition

Lakota Elk in the House - Education Edition

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  • Native Teaching Aids (2020)
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A Lakota language learning game.

A bison in your bathroom? A fox in your bed? The elk has opened up your house to all the furry creatures of the forest!

Stop the animals from entering your house and get the animals in your opponent’s house! Learn: Rooms of the house, animal names, basic conversation phrases, immersive group conversation.

-For ages 7 and up
-2-6 players
-Early Learner Accessible
-Speaker level : Beginner.

Education Edition includes a glossary, extended instructions and may include more cards.

Classroom Use: Learn animals and rooms in the home in this fun game. With a focus on verbs, this game helps students implement their knowledge and expand their vocabulary. Recommended for ages seven and up.

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