Indigenous Methodologies by Margaret Kovach

Indigenous Methodologies: Characteristics, Conversations, and Contexts (2nd Edition)

Indigenous Methodologies: Characteristics, Conversations, and Contexts (2nd Edition)

  • Paperback
  • University of Toronto Press (2021)
  • SKU: 9781487525644
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Indigenous Methodologies is a groundbreaking text. Since its original publication in 2009, it has become the most trusted guide used in the study of Indigenous methodologies and has been adopted in university courses around the world. It provides a conceptual framework for implementing Indigenous methodologies and serves as a useful entry point for those wishing to learn more broadly about Indigenous research.

The second edition incorporates new literature along with substantial updates, including a thorough discussion of Indigenous theory and analysis, new chapters on community partnership and capacity building, an added focus on oracy and other forms of knowledge dissemination, and a renewed call to decolonize the academy. The second edition also includes discussion questions to enhance classroom interaction with the text. In a field that continues to grow and evolve, and as universities and researchers strive to learn and apply Indigenous-informed research, this important new edition introduces readers to the principles and practices of Indigenous methodologies.

"Reading this second edition is like visiting with a dear friend, over a cup of tea, to recount stories, teachings, and insights. When the visit is over the friends depart after telling many favourite and new stories. In this telling and listening, the friends strengthen and stretch their bonds. With this visit, they learn powerful new teachings and are inspired with deeper research insights about doing Indigenous methodologies in good ways." --Jo-ann Archibald Q’um Q’um Xiiem, Professor Emeritus of Educational Studies, University of British Columbia

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