How Devil's Club Came to Be by Miranda Rose Kaagweil Worl

How Devil's Club Came to Be

How Devil's Club Came to Be

Illustrated by Michaela Goade
  • Hardcover
  • Sealaska Heritage (2017)
  • SKU: 9781946019141
Regular price $19.95

Raven's Niece sets out to save her village in this modern take on Tlingit oral traditions of Raven and origin stories. It tells the story of Raven's niece, who sets off to save her village after a giant kidnaps her village's shaman and leaves her people ailing.

She discovers devil's club, a plant common in Southeast Alaska that is considered sacred for its medicinal properties. Features the Thunderbird People, a clan in Tlingit culture.

This is an original story written by Miranda Rose Kaagweil Worl. Though inspired by ancient oral traditions that have been handed down through the generations, it is not a traditional Tlingit story. Illustrated by Tlingit artist Michaela Goade.

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