Grandmother's Pigeon by Louise Erdrich

Grandmother's Pigeon

Illustrated by Jim LaMarche
  • Hardcover
  • U of MN Press (2021)
  • SKU: 9781517911478
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A grandmother’s sudden departure leaves her family with an even more puzzling, and wondrous, surprise in this enchanting story from the National Book Award–winning author—at last back in print.

Through the words of a curious grandchild, Grandmother’s legacy unfolds in these pages in all its peculiarity and charm. Mixing whimsy and gravity with a little science and history, the tale of the family’s loss, and marvelous find, summons a world as intriguing as it is perfectly clear—a world animated by Louise Erdrich’s storytelling magic, inviting readers follow Grandmother, and to wonder.

Impeccably paired, text and art gracefully build to a conclusion that both reassures and startles. Magical from beginning to end. — Publishers Weekly, starred review

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Grandmother's Pigeon by Louise Erdrich
Grandmother's Pigeon
Louise Erdrich
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