Ghost River by Trevino L. Brings Plenty

Ghost River

Ghost River

  • Paperback
  • The Backwaters Press (2015)
  • SKU: 9781935218371
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"These poems are porcupine quills, beautiful and sharp. They draw blood. They make me laugh and cry. I love this book." — Sherman Alexie, poet, fictionwriter, screenwriter.

"Reading Trevino Brings Plenty's poems is a head adjustment. As hard as these poems work to defy the stereotype of Native American spirituality, they also act like ceremonies-new ones-the anti-vision quest, spirit guide avoidance, songs to survive shame, good days NOT to die. Trevino Brings Plenty is no sham-shaman, but he is a healer and a true one." — Heid Erdrich, Author of Cell Traffic and National Monuments

"Brings Plenty has come into his own power with this new book of poems. These are the poems of a hardcore rez visionary who is " the spirit world...." Each poem carries a light born of struggle, and like vision, each illumination has its cost.... Personal history is utterly tied to the historical DNA of family, a place. Through the journey of these poems, a map emerges. In this map, you will find a way home." — Joy Harjo

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