Finding My Dance by Ria Thundercloud

Finding My Dance

Illustrated by Kalila Fuller
  • Hardcover
  • Penguin Workshop (2022)
  • SKU: 9780593093894
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In her debut picture book, professional Indigenous dancer Ria Thundercloud tells the true story of her path to dance and how it helped her take pride in her Native American heritage.

At four years old, Ria Thundercloud was brought into the powwow circle, ready to dance in the special jingle dress her mother made for her. As she grew up, she danced with her brothers all over Indian country. Then Ria learned more styles--tap, jazz, ballet--but still loved the expressiveness of Indigenous dance. And despite feeling different as one of the only Native American kids in her school, she always knew she could turn to dance to cheer herself up.

Follow along as Ria shares her dance journey--from dreaming of her future to performing as a professional--accompanied by striking illustrations that depict it while bringing her graceful movements to life.

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Finding My Dance by Ria Thundercloud
Finding My Dance
Ria Thundercloud
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