Coexistence: Stories by Billy-Ray Belcourt

Coexistence: Stories

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  • W.W. Norton & Company (2024)
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Superbly rendered portraits of modern indigeneity from the acclaimed author of A Minor Chorus.

A grieving mother calls out to her faraway son. A student forgoes the lurid appeal of dating apps in exchange for a painter’s love. The anonymous voices of queer native men converge amid violent eroticism. A man just out of prison balances the uneasy weight of family and freedom, while a professor returns home to conduct research only to be haunted by a dark specter. The stories and voices in Billy-Ray Belcourt’s debut story collection are buoyed by philosophical undergirding, poetic demand, and the complex relationship between aesthetics and ethics. Belcourt pirouettes through the short story form in his signature staccato voice, imagining a range of characters from all walks of native life. He is an expert in celebrating the ways Indigenous peoples make total conquest impossible.

“These characters’ passionate insistence on loving and desiring and hoping, amid the existential terror of colonization―and Billy-Ray Belcourt’s nuanced and attentive rendering of it―is the most revolutionary of acts.” ―Vauhini Vara, author of Pulitzer Prize finalist The Immortal King Rao

“A brilliant exploration of the boundaries both imposed and imagined that exist between beings and the spaces we inhabit. This engaging, alive text drills right to the heart of what it is to be Indigenous in the twenty-first century.” ―Mona Susan Power, author of A Council of Dolls

Coexistence: Stories by Billy-Ray Belcourt
Coexistence: Stories
Billy-Ray Belcourt
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