Cell Traffic: New and Selected Poems by Heid E. Erdrich

Cell Traffic: New and Selected Poems

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  • University of Arizona Press (2012)
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Cell Traffic presents new poems and uncollected prose poetry along with selected work from award-winning poet Heid Erdrich's three previous poetry collections. Erdrich's new work reflects her continuing concerns with the tensions between science and tradition, between spirit and body. She finds surprising common ground while exploring indigenous experience in multifaceted ways: personal, familial, biological, and cultural. The title, Cell Traffic, suggests motion and Erdrich considers multiple movements-cellular transfer, the traffic of DNA through body parts and bones, "migration" through procreation, and the larger "movements" of indigenousness and ancestral inheritance.

Erdrich's wry sensibility, sly wit, and keenly insightful mind have earned her a loyal following. Her point of view is always slightly off center, and this lends a particular freshness to her poetry. The debunking and debating of the science of origins is one of Erdrich's focal subjects. In this collection, she turns her observational eye to the search for a genetic mother of humanity, forensic anthropology's quest for the oldest known bones, and online offers of genetic testing. But her interests are not limited to science. She freely admits popular culture into her purview as well, referencing sci-fi television series and Internet pop-up ads.

"A marvelous tour of poetic passion inside a world of warriors, fire pits, love, genes, and the tender ironies of woe and mercy. The images and scenes tease and honor Native ancestors, the seasons, a warm eye in winter, and the 'stars shine words right into the center of the dream.'" —Gerald Vizenor

"Through her eyes, her split vision of science and soul, Heid E.Erdrich does nothing less than remake the world." —Susan Power

"Funny, sexy, rowdy, and surprising, these poems pretty much cover the entire human existence. She is an original. Buy this book now." —Sherman Alexie

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Cell Traffic: New and Selected Poems by Heid E. Erdrich
Cell Traffic: New and Selected Poems
Heid E. Erdrich
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