Cards for Decolonization: The Unsettling Card Game by Native Teaching Aids

Cards for Decolonization: The Unsettling Card Game

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  • Native Teaching Aids (2017)
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Cards For Decolonization, formerly known as Cards Against Colonialism, is a satire and humor based game created by and for native people. Cards for decolonization contains cards about stereotypes, social issues, and cultural icons unique to indian country. There are some mature themes in Cards for Decolonization, so if your uncle who used to be on council is playing, maybe consider removing the “nepotism” and “embezzling tribal chairmen” cards.

The game comes with 100 red question cards and 380 white response cards. We also include a handful of blank cards to write your own jokes. Great for writing in that one time your nephew snagged his cousin.

" Through this short and profound experience, I realized how putting these stereotypes on the table can help with the decolonization of the individuals who would be playing the game. It also drives the conversation to a deeper level, shift paradigms and awakens consciousness. It leads to the storytelling of one's culture, which can be liberating, transformative, and set the trajectory for culture healing and revitalization.....and it is so hilariously wrong!" ~Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell Hawaiian

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