Can You Hear the Plants Speak? by Nicholas Hummingbird & Julia Watson

Can You Hear the Plants Speak?

Can You Hear the Plants Speak?

Illustrated by Madelyn Goodnight
  • Hardcover
  • HarperCollins (2024)
  • SKU: 9780063221284
Regular price $19.99

Our people believe spirit lives in everything.

Mountain, river, wind, tree.

Come, take a walk with me.

What do we learn from plants when we listen to them speaking? Indigenous plantsman Nicholas Hummingbird calls on the legacy of his great-grandparents to remember how one drop of rain, one seed, one plant can renew a cycle of hope and connection—for him and for each of us.

Perfect for readers of Sy Montgomery, debut authors Nicholas Hummingbird and Julia Wasson joyfully proclaim even the youngest person can be an earth protector. With gorgeous illustrations from Rock Your Mocs artist Madelyn Goodnight, Can You Hear the Plants Speak? encourages us to engage with the natural world.

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