A Calm and Normal Heart: Stories

A Calm and Normal Heart: Stories by Chelsea T. Hicks

A Calm and Normal Heart: Stories

  • Hardcover
  • Unnamed Press (2022)
  • SKU: 9781951213541
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"Chelsea T. Hicks' deadpan dexterous wit can make you laugh and cry in the space of a heartbeat. A Calm and Normal Heart is the book I've been waiting for—audacious, tender, and fiercely committed."—Louise Erdrich

"The stories in Chelsea Hicks's A Calm & Normal Heart are full of quiet truths and wry, soulful secrets. It is a book that doesn't at all feel like a debut story collection, but rather written with startling beauty and the flawless precision of a master storyteller. It is a genuine page-turner full of sentences so beautiful they demand re-reading."—Brandon Hobson, author of The Removed

From Oklahoma to California, the heroes of A Calm & Normal Heart are modern-day adventurers--seeking out new places to call their own inside a nation to which they do not entirely belong. A member of the Osage tribe, author Chelsea T. Hicks' stories are compelled by an overlooked diaspora happening inside America itself: that of young Native people.

Whether in between college semesters or jobs, on the road to tribal dances or escaping troubled homes, the characters of A Calm & Normal Heart occupy a complicated and often unreliable terrain. Chelsea T. Hicks brings sharp humor, sprawling imagination, and a profound connection to Native experience in a collection that will subvert long-held assumptions for many readers, and inspire hope along the way.

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