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Our Peerless Staff

Carolyn Anderson (Diné/Navajo) loves her cat Mary and her dog Frank. She likes to make things, to be outside, to grow things. She loves books about people, books about the natural world, and books that challenge conventional perspectives and encourage thinking outside the box. Carolyn is also an accomplished artist. See her work at Birchbark Books. Birchbark manager!

Kate Day juggles our bills and everything else besides.

Prudence Johnson: Yes, THE Prudence Johnson, songstress and bookseller. See

Martha Meyer-VonBlon is passionate about reading and selling books. She has been at Birchbark Books for many years. She has lots of other interests which she’ll describe if you ask her. One of them is keeping her twenty year old cats alive. She is passionate about her three grandchildren too.

Allicia Waukau (Menominee and Diné) enjoys looking up recipes and cooking for her little family. She loves to read historical fiction, fiction, young adult novels and poetry (but has lately been limited to board books for Grace!). Allicia likes being around kind people with a good sense of humor.

Christian Pederson Behrends is an artist, academic and linguist interested in archipelagos, walled cities and chocolate croissants.

Sasha Suarez (White Earth Ojibwe) is a doctoral candidate in American Studies at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities where she studies the methods of community building among Ojibwe women in the 1920s to the present in Minneapolis. When she is not teaching as a graduate instructor or working at Birchbark, she can be found at campus and community events or writing in a variety of odd but cliché locations. Despite working on a dissertation, she still tries to write short stories and poetry as much as time and inspiration permits She also enjoys spending time reading memoirs and watching Doctor Who and bad made-for-tv movies with her pets who most certainly do not feel the same way about BBC and ABCFamily.

Anthony Ceballos (of Ojibwe blood) is a poet/bookseller/enthusiastic reader/alright cook. If you don't catch him working at Birchbark, you might find him around town at a poetry reading or holed up in a cafe writing his angsty goth heart out over a turkey sandwich. He believes the best poems start with a pen and paper. Sometimes he tries to write essays. These attempts are not always successful.

Nadine Teisberg is an avid reader, especially dedicated to science fiction. She's currently in graduate school at St. Kate's for her master's in Library and Information Science. Born and raised on Madeline Island in Northern Wisconsin, Lake Superior has her heart. She lives in Minneapolis with her overflowing bookshelves and two cats, Pig and Burger.

Jake Vainio (Ojibwe) is 20 years old and lives in Minneapolis. He especially enjoys writing that delves headfirst into the surreal, such as books by Haruki Murakami or Octavia Butler. When not working at the bookstore, he is most likely found playing music around the city or making fun of his two cats in his apartment.

Nathan Pederson gives his time and love to carefully construct and manage this website. Also buys books.

Miigwech and Pidamaya!

Canoe Woman