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The Star People: A Lakota Story

The Star People: A Lakota Story

  • Hardcover
  • Abrams,Harry N Inc (2003)
  • SKU: 9780810945845
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A grandmother's love is forever

In this mystical story of remembrance and tradition, Sister Girl and her brother, Young Wolf, wander far from their village and face great danger, including stampeding animals and a wall of fire. The children barely save themselves, and as night approaches, they find themselves alone in the barren and unforgiving wilderness. How will they find home? As the stars shine brightly, the spirit of their grandmother, Elk Tooth Woman, appears to guide them: The Star People are always with you. Look up, and you will see me among the stars.

S. D. Nelson's compelling illustrations, inspired by the ledger-book style of the Plains Indians, capture the beauty of humans and nature existing as one.

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