Raven and the Tide Lady by Pauline Duncan

Raven and the Tide Lady

Raven and the Tide Lady

Illustrated by Michaela Goade
  • Hardcover
  • Sealaska Heritage (2018)
  • SKU: 9781946019233
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Raven and the Tide Lady is a children’s book based on ancient Northwest Coast Raven stories. In the tale, Raven fights with Tide Lady to bring low tide and allow humans to gather food. Illustrated by Tlingit artist Michaela Goade.

The story was adapted by Tlingit writer Pauline Duncan from the works of the late Nora and Dick Dauenhauer, who transcribed the stories from Elders’ oral accounts. The original Raven stories are complex, humorous and sometimes filled with raucous adventures. Raven stories are not about what is viewed as proper behavior, but what is not acceptable behavior. Raven the Trickster is found in oral traditions throughout North America and elsewhere in the world and teaches people how to exist in society.

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