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Honour Earth Mother

Honour Earth Mother

  • Paperback
  • University of Nebraska Press (2004)
  • SKU: 9780803276222
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Honour Earth Mother is an inspiring reminder of the affection and reverence that the Native peoples of North America have had for the land.

For Native peoples the earth was special, the dwelling place of manitous and spirits and the repository of the bones of generations of ancestors. And the earth remains today a deep wellspring of revelations and unveiled mysteries for those who take time to watch, listen, and reflect.

Celebrated Ojibwa writer Basil Johnston invites us to go into the woods and meadows, mountains, valleys, and seashores to watch miracles still unfolding, to listen to nature's symphonies, to feel the pulse of the earth, to take in the fragrances, and to sense the awesome. His stories of the creatures, seasons, and landscape of the earth reveal a land that has never stopped brimming with beauty, song, and dance.
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