Gaa-pi-izhiwebak by Aanjibimaadizing


Edited by Anton Treuer & Michael Sullivan Sr
Illustrated by Jonathan Thunder
  • Paperback
  • Minnesota Historical Society Press (2021)
  • SKU: 9781681342160
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Presented in the Ojibwe language, these delightful short stories bring to life the tales and traditions of the Ojibwe people while providing essential tools for language-learning.

Gaa-pi-izhiwebak, which means "What Happened," is an Ojibwe-language collection of nonfiction reminiscences, cultural teachings, and histories told by elders from the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. It is part of a series of monolingual books produced with Aanjibimaadizing, a program of the Mille Lacs Band that means "Changing Lives." Through the Aanjibimaadizing Project, fourteen first speakers teamed with linguists, teachers, and Ojibwe language experts to create this new literature for Ojibwe language learners. Conceived and written only in Ojibwe, the stories reflect a rare authenticity as they transmit cultural values, increase vocabulary, and reinforce identity. Gaa-pi-izhiwebak is intended for middle school and high school readers.

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