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  • Minnesota Historical Society Press (2005)
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The Dakota language owes much of its expansiveness to its verbs, or action words. Yet, until now, students of Dakota have had few resources in verb usage and conjugation beyond nineteenth-century dictionaries compiled by missionaries. 550 Dakota Verbs provides students of Dakota - and the Lakota and Nakota dialects - the proper conjugations for 550 verbs from adi (to step or walk on) to zo (to whistle). This book features clear explanations of Dakota conjugation patterns, as well as extensive Dakota-English and English-Dakota word lists. An appendix reproduces John P. Williamson's classic discussion of Dakota verb usage, written at the turn of the twentieth century. Designed to enhance everyday conversations, as well as contribute to research and the revitalization of this endangered language, 550 Dakota Verbs is a resource for all who are interested in Dakota and its dialects.

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