Sharing Honors and Burdens by Lara M. Evans, Miranda Lewis-Belarde, & Anya Montiel

Sharing Honors and Burdens: Renwick Invitational 2023

  • Paperback
  • University of Washington Press (2023)
  • SKU: 9780937311882
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This volume features the work of six Indigenous artists whose craft speaks to the responsibility of honoring cultural traditions while shaping the future. Joe Feddersen (Arrow Lakes/Okanagan) is a printmaker, glass artist, and basket maker who creates geometric patterns sourced from everyday life. Multimedia artist Erica Lord (Athabascan/Iñupiat) crafts beaded burden straps and sled dog blankets with abstracted representations of diseases that disproportionately affect Native and other marginalized communities. Geo Neptune (Passamaquoddy) is a master basket maker, activist, and educator who uses colorful narrative to emphasize the honor and burden of keeping tradition alive. Sisters Lily Hope and Ursala Hudson (Tlingit) weave labor-intensive textiles that convey Tlingit values of reciprocity and balance, maintaining cultural integrity while experimenting with new forms and materials. Textile artist Maggie Thompson (Fond du Luc Ojibwe) creates large-scale works that explore the intersections of grief and trauma with honor, beauty, and healing.

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