The Little Frog's Guide to Self-Care by Maybell Eequay

The Little Frog's Guide to Self-Care

The Little Frog's Guide to Self-Care

  • Hardcover
  • Summersdale (2023)
  • SKU: 9781837991013
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Globally loved, the little frog is the creation of Maybell Eequay and appears in this charming book of uplifting affirmations and empowering life lessons.

Hop into this uplifting little book, filled with positive affirmations on self-love and empowerment, as told by the internet’s most fashionable frog.

“Don't forget about the subtle magic that is happening all around you every day.”

Meet the little frog! With its mushroom hat and endless collection of fabulous footwear, this adorable amphibian is here to be your new best friend. Whether you need an emotional boost, some friendly encouragement or an honest view on the world, the little frog will be your guide.

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