Tawâw: Progressive Indigenous Cuisine

Tawâw: Progressive Indigenous Cuisine by Shane M. Chartrand

Tawâw: Progressive Indigenous Cuisine

  • Hardcover
  • Ambrosia (2019)
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tawâw [ta-wow; Cree]: "Welcome, there is room."

Born to Cree parents and raised by a Métis father and Mi'kmaw-British mother, Shane M. Chartrand has spent the past fifteen years learning about his history, visiting with other First Nations peoples, gathering and sharing knowledge and stories, and creating dishes that combine his diverse interests and express his unique personality. The result is tawâw: Progressive Indigenous Cuisine, a gorgeous book that traces Chartrand's culinary journey from his childhood in Central Alberta, where he learned to raise livestock, hunt, and fish on his family's acreage, to his current position as executive chef at the acclaimed SC Restaurant in the River Cree Resort & Casino in Enoch, Alberta, on Treaty 6 Territory.

Containing over seventy-five recipes — including his award-winning dish "War Paint" — along with personal stories, interviews with Chartrand's culinary influences and family members, and contemporary and archival photographs of his journey, tawâw is part cookbook, part exploration of ingredients and techniques, and part chef's personal journal — a visionary book that will invite readers to leaf through its pages for ideas, education, recipes, and inspiration.

"I'm so happy to see Chef Shane Chartrand's creative work elevating and bringing awareness to the importance of our Indigenous foods. We need more Native voices and role models like him to help empower and inspire the next generation of Indigenous chefs!" — Sean Sherman, chef/founder, the Sioux Chef(TM) and the Indigenous Food Lab, and co-author of The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen

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