A Season in Chezgh'un by Darrel J. McLeod

A Season in Chezgh'un

A Season in Chezgh'un

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  • Douglas &McIntyre (2024)
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A subversive novel by acclaimed Cree author Darrel J. McLeod (Mamaskatch, Peyakow), infused with the contradictory triumph and pain of finding conventional success in a world that feels alien.

1989: James, a talented and conflicted Cree man from a tiny settlement in Northern Alberta, has settled into a comfortable middle-class life in a trendy neighborhood of Vancouver, British Columbia. He is living the life he had once dreamed of—travel, a charming circle of sophisticated friends, a promising career and a loving relationship with a caring man—but he chafes at being assimilated into mainstream society, removed from his people and culture.

The untimely death of James’s mother, his only link to his extended family and community, propels him into a quest to reconnect with his roots. He secures a job as a principal in a remote northern Dakelh community but quickly learns that life there isn’t the fix he’d hoped it would be: His encounters with poverty, cultural disruption, and abuse conjure ghosts from his past that drive him toward self-destruction. During the single year he spends in northern BC, James takes solace in the richness of the Dakelh culture, the indomitable spirit of the people, and the splendor of nature—all the while fighting to keep his dark side from destroying his life.

In A Season in Chezgh’un, McLeod pairs sorrow and tragedy with pride and strength, heralding a new era of Indigenous survival and re-emergence.

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