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Being Dakota

Being Dakota

Edited by Laura L. Anderson
  • Paperback
  • Minnesota Historical Society Press (2005)
  • SKU: 9780873515306
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"Richly informative, filled with touching stories and remarkable depth. A favorite of mine. Great for anyone seeking knowledge of Dakota history" - Louise

Amos E. Oneroad (1884-1937) moved in two worlds. Educated in traditional Dakota ways, he also earned a divinity degree from Columbia University and become a Presbyterian minister. In 1914 he began working with Alanson B. Skinner (1884-1925), a student of anthropology whom he met in New York City. Oneroad collected and preserved stories and traditions of the Sisseton-Wahpeton people, including customs, material culture, and ceremonies that marked the individual's passage from birth to death; Skinner planned to edit and publish the work. But Skinner's untimely death in 1925 thwarted their plans, and the manuscript languished for seventy-five years in a California library. Laura L. Anderson, who teaches anthropology at the University of Oklahoma, has edited this unusual document, which offers a fresh look at what it means to be Dakota.

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