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Think Indian: Languages Are Beyond Price
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Pub Date: 2011
ISBN: 9780978499877
Basil Johnston
Think Indian: Languages Are Beyond Price
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Think Indian: Languages Are Beyond Price

by Basil Johnston

Think Indian: Languages are Beyond Price is a collection of essays written by the language scholar and storyteller Basil Johnston. This volume contains 27 articles that cover topics such as language, stories and storytelling, identity, Ojibwe culture, humour, writing, and education. Where is the flour? is the title of a humorous account of Cape Croker member Norman Peter Joshua Jones' adventures in Hollywood as an Indian extra during the 1930s and 1940s. Cowboys and Indians combines humor and language translation in the story about a Hollywood director visiting the Crow Nation looking for authentic Indian extras to act in a Western movie. The story Iron Ray is a moving tribute to Corporal Ray Nadjiwon who served in World War 2 and Korea and who died in a house fire trying to save his infant daughter. Other topics of interest include teacher training, standardized spelling of Ojibwe language, the importance of land, protocols for storytelling, and creation. This is a valuable and thought-provoking collection of writings from an Ojibwe scholar.