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Taku Wadaka He (What Do You See)
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Beaver's Pond Press
Pub Date: 2008
ISBN: 9781592982264
Joanne Zacharias, Steven Smith
Taku Wadaka He (What Do You See)
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Taku Wadaka He (What Do You See)

by Joanne Zacharias

Illustrations by Steven Smith.

"Complex and beautiful. The perfect book for Dakota speakers and children to read together." -- Louise
On the pages of this book you will find a number of images hidden inside a picture of a tipi. These images are all-important or sacred to the Dakota people. On facing pages each image is taken out of the tipi and set in its own atmosphere for all to enjoy. The Dakota people have many stories and memories that thrive around these images which have been handed down from generation to generation. That is how our stories and memories are kept alive. The grandfather in this story is sharing his knowledge with his granddaughter using the Dakota language. She, along with all of the children who read this book, will attain knowledge while admiring the creative artwork used to illustrate these hidden images.