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Speak Lakota! Level 3 Textbook
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Lakota Language Consortium
Pub Date: 2010
ISBN: 9780982110720
Lakota Language Consortium
Speak Lakota! Level 3 Textbook
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Speak Lakota! Level 3 Textbook

by Lakota Language Consortium

Lakhótiya Wóglaka Po! - Speak Lakota! is a Lakota language textbook designed for elementary school use and self-study. Developed by leading Lakota language authorities and linguists, the textbook is the first linguistically and pedagogically consistent textbook in Lakota and the start of the series. It features a detailed teacher's guide; which incorporates all major vocabulary variants, numerous lesson activities and games while contextualizing the vocabulary though images and illustrations.

See also the Level 3 Companion Audio CD.  

The Level 3 is produced to the highest methodological and linguistic standards- allowing students to achieve the next great leap forward in language learning. Plus, the Level 3 has many important new features:

- Promotes conversational Lakota using proven Communicative Language techniques;
- 10 Units designed to teach language through familiar and fun contexts;
- Fully-integrated Audio CD and detailed Teacher's Guide (available separately);
- Over 500 new vocabulary items and supporting glossary;
- Wide variety of fun activities and exercises including four pages of stickers!