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Gii-Nitaa-Aadisooke: Ojibwe Legends from Lac Seul
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Pub Date: 2018
Christie Ningewance, Patricia Ningewance
Gii-Nitaa-Aadisooke: Ojibwe Legends from Lac Seul
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Gii-Nitaa-Aadisooke: Ojibwe Legends from Lac Seul

by Patricia Ningewance

Told by Christie Ningewance. Written by Patricia Ningewance.

Ojibwe with English translation

In this collection of translated Ojibwe legends fro Lac Seul, Ontario are many stories about the wondrous beings that still live on. Biipiigiwisens lived with his nine older brothers and they married Thunder Bird Women. Jakaabes was a tiny boy who wore a coat made out of a bird skin and lived with his older sister. He snared the sun. A band of Nenaderthal-like creature terrorize and kill the people in a village. Only a boy is left to use his wits and rid the earth of them. and then in more recent times, a vain man coaxed his penis to talk. Then it wouldn't stop talking. It scared away the caribou he was trying to hunt. There are 19 of these stories to be learning in Ojibwe and told on cold winter nights. These legends were written down in the 1980s as they were told.