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Anishinaabe Syndicated - A View from the Rez
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Minnesota Historical Society Press
Pub Date: 2011
ISBN: 9780873518239
Jim Northrup
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Anishinaabe Syndicated - A View from the Rez

by Jim Northrup

The topics of the day fly fast and furious over Jim Northrup’s moccasin telegraph:

The game wardens were playing catch and release with the Anishinaabeg spearers. One Shinnob went back for seconds. He got two tickets. . . .

The powwow was great. I’d like to thank all those who worked to make this happen. as a Vietnam vet, I felt honored, but still think we should quit making veterans. . . .

Hell just froze over because Fonjalackers got a per capita gambling payment. after almost fifteen years of high-stakes bingo and gambling casinos, we got a check for $1,500 each. . . . Now Mom can get that operation and I can send my kids to Harvard. I can also get that Ferrari I’ve always wanted. I’ll decide on the color after my round-the-world vacation...

Between 1989 and 2001, Indian Country saw enormous changes in treaty rights, casino gambling, language renewal, and tribal sovereignty. Jim Northrup, a thoroughly modern traditional Ojibwe man who writes a monthly syndicated newspaper column, the Fond du Lac Follies, witnessed it all. With humor sometimes gentle, sometimes biting, sometimes broad, these excerpts tally the changes, year by year, as he spears walleye, raises a grandson, harvests wild rice and maple sugar, fixes rez cars, attends powwows, and jets across the country and across the ocean to tell stories.

Jim Northrup is an award-winning journalist, poet, and playwright and the author of Rez Road Follies and Walking the Rez Road. Margaret Noori is the director of the Comprehensive Studies program and a lecturer in the Native American Studies program at the University of Michigan.

"Jim Northrup takes the lies told about us Indians and the lies we like to tell ourselves and skins them until there is nothing left but laughter. And from that he manages--as only Northrup can do--to make the truth out of it. Pointed, wry, deadpan, exuberant, Anishinaabe Syndicated is a miracle, a hilarious one at that. Jim Northrup makes me proud to be Ojibwe and grateful I can read about it."
David Treuer, author of Native American Fiction: A User's Manual and The Translation of Dr. Apelles

"Jim Northrup reminds us not to forget the ancestors and veterans, and the traditions, and the treaty rights and languages of the American Americans. His honesty and wisdom, and his courage and insight inspire us to walk the walk and respect the earth and one another."

Rick Gresczyk Sr., Ojibwe language instructor, Augsburg College