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The Antelope Wife
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Harper Perennial
Pub Date: 2012
ISBN: 9780061767968
Louise Erdrich
The Antelope Wife
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The Antelope Wife

by Louise Erdrich

Signed by Louise!

A new and radically revised version of the classic novel the New York Times called "a fiercely imagined tale of love and loss, a story that manages to transform tragedy into comic redemption, sorrow into heroic survival."

When Klaus Shawano abducts Sweetheart Calico and carries her far from her native Montana plains to his Minneapolis home, he cannot begin to imagine what the eventual consequences of his rash act will be. Shawano's mysterious Antelope Woman has stolen his heart—and soon proves to be a bewitching agent of chaos whose effect on others is disturbing and irresistible, as she alters the shape of things around her and the shape of things to come.

In this remarkable revised edition of her acclaimed novel, Louise Erdrich weaves an unforgettable tapestry of ancestry, fate, harrowing tragedy, and redemption that seems at once modern and eternal.

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Anonymous commented on 24-Aug-2012 06:55 PM
I loved the first version. Brings me back to the old powwow highway,western Montana,1970s.Gonna have to read the new version. Also Mom got her English degree at University of Minnesota back in the 30s. I love your books Louise. Many thanks.
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