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LaRose: A Novel
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Pub Date: 2016
ISBN: 9780062277022
Louise Erdrich
LaRose: A Novel
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LaRose: A Novel

by Louise Erdrich

Winner of the 2016 National Book Critics Circle Award!
Signed by Louise.

In this literary masterwork, the author of the National Book Award-winning The Round House and the Pulitzer Prize nominee The Plague of Doves wields her breathtaking narrative magic in an emotionally haunting contemporary tale of a tragic accident, a demand for justice, and a profound act of atonement with ancient roots in indigenous culture. Inspiring and affecting, LaRose is a powerful exploration of loss, justice, and the reparation of the human heart. An unforgettable, dazzling tour de force from one of America’s most distinguished writers.

The glowing reviews are rolling in. Find a full list of links to reviews, videos, interviews and more on the LaRose Media and Reviews page.

“...a magnificent, sorrowful tale of justice, retribution, and love.” — Vanity Fair

“…a brutal, ultimately buoyant dramatization of the way unexpected kinships heal us.” — O, the Oprah Magazine

“A stunning novel…A heartbreaking tale of love, family, and obligation that spans generations.” — Real Simple

“…[a] meditative, profoundly humane story…Electric, nimble, and perceptive, this novel is about ‘the phosphorous of grief’ but also, more essentially, about the emotions men need, but rarely get, from one another.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“The radiance of this many-faceted novel is generated by Erdrich’s tenderness for her characters…magnificent…a brilliantly imagined and constructed saga of empathy, elegy, spirituality, resilience, wit, wonder, and hope that will stand as a defining master work of American literature for generations to come.” — Booklist (starred review)

“Erdrich spins a powerful, resonant story with masterly finesse…memorable and satisfying.” — Publishers Weekly Starred Pick of the Week

Comments, Opinions, Reviews
Erlinda B. commented on 01-Feb-2016 09:42 PM
I.cannot.wait.for.this! Louise Erdrich is one of my favorite authors. The book isn't published yet, and I am already glad she wrote it!
Sandy commented on 02-Feb-2016 08:18 AM
I can't wait to read it!
Anonymous commented on 02-Feb-2016 08:22 AM
Can't wait for a new book from my favorite writer.

Kathy Whitgrove
Bridget commented on 02-Feb-2016 06:15 PM
So excited! She's a local treasure and I can't wait!
Julie Clark commented on 25-Feb-2016 10:10 AM
Love Erdrich's writing! Our local bookstore here in Frederick, Maryland recently discussed one of her books. Great writings!
Terry Filippo commented on 25-Feb-2016 02:24 PM
I'm a high school AP English and University teacher from SC who has loved (and taught) Erdrich's work for years (Love Medicine is still one of my favorite novels ever). I'll never forget when another wonderful published author happened upon me reading one of her books. He captured my sentiments perfectly when he remarked, "Erdrich. She's the real deal."
amy funk commented on 25-Feb-2016 03:23 PM
Yay! Another book by Louise! Can't wait. Just bought tickets for the book reading at the Fitzgerald.
Rick Lemire commented on 01-Mar-2016 01:37 PM
Big fan need to buy from Author more often. Thank you Louise, your awesome!
Meredith commented on 04-Apr-2016 02:39 PM
This book by my favorite author of all time comes out on my birthday. Coincidence or cosmic permission to be happy? (I think the latter!)
Catherine Mamer commented on 16-Apr-2016 01:02 PM
Like Meredith this book by my favorite author comes out on my birthday. I prefer to think the cosmos is giving me something very special and I am filled with joy.
Barbara Gramann commented on 09-May-2016 05:04 PM
I've been a fan of your writing ever since my first Women's Literature class in college! I always look forward to your next book release. Thank you for enriching my life and everyone else whom I share your books with. :)
Deborah Farquhar commented on 17-May-2016 04:02 PM
Kay commented on 23-May-2016 09:45 PM
I am so excited to see that you have written another book. You have captured the heart of the Native people in your books. I appreciate your work. You have written masterfully and bring great joy and depth to our people. Blessings.
Anonymous commented on 23-Jul-2016 08:14 AM
Bought LaRose elsewhere (blush). Both Pat and I read every beautiful word. That will be the copy we donate to the Surfside Beach Library here in Horry County SC.
The copy I'm buying from BbB will be the one we will reread next year and pass down to the grand nephews and nieces. I kept running into Ojibwa folks at Indian Summer, then during the opening of the Smithsonian Native museum in DC, and finally Ms. Erdrich's novels. Her words sing the soul of Native folk and color the 2% Native DNA I have. Ms. Erdrich, you are a National Treasure.
Katherine Turpin commented on 15-Dec-2016 09:47 AM
I spotted LaRose at my library, and, being a big fan of Louise Erdrich's storytelling, I grabbed it. Now it's grabbed me.
I want to race ahead, but I want to savor it, too. Gorgeous writing, magical and poignant.
Thank you, Louise, for weaving this story for us!
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