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Pub Date: 2013
ISBN: 9780060577926
Louise Erdrich
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by Louise Erdrich

Signed by the author.

The 4th book in The Birchbark House series.

Twin brothers Chickadee and Makoons have spent every day side by side and have done everything together since they were born—until the day the unthinkable happens and the brothers are separated.

Desperate to reunite, Chickadee and his family must travel across new territories, forge unlikely friendships, and experience both unexpected moments of unbearable heartache as well as pure happiness. And through it all, Chickadee has the strength of his namesake, the chickadee, to carry him on.

I am only the Chickadee
Yet small things have great power
I speak the truth.

Launching a new arc in the celebrated Birchbark House series, Chickadee continues the story of one Ojibwe family's journey through one hundred years in America.

Beloved by children young and old, The Birchbark House series by Louise Erdrich consists of The Birchbark HouseThe Game of SilenceThe Porcupine YearChickadee, and Makoons (with more to come!)

Praise for Chickadee:

“A beautifully evolving story of an indigenous American family. ” (Kirkus Reviews (starred review) )

“Erdrich’s storytelling is masterful. Readers will be more than happy to welcome little Chickadee into their hearts.” (School Library Journal (starred review) )

“Readers will absorb the history lesson almost by osmosis; their full attention will be riveted on the story. Every detail anticipates readers’ interest.” (The Horn Book )

“In the fourth book in Erdrich’s award-winning Birchbark House series, the focus moves to a new generation. As always, the focus is on the way-of-life details as much as the adventure. Most affecting are the descriptions of Makoons’ loneliness without his brother.” (ALA Booklist )