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Earrings - Lucky Eagle Feathers
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Pub Date: 2000
Josef Reiter
Earrings - Lucky Eagle Feathers
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Earrings - Lucky Eagle Feathers

by Josef Reiter

Please call us at 612-374-4023 for available sizes and prices of these beautiful sterling silver earrings.

"I decided one day to give away my lucky feather earrings because a friend needed the luck. But I missed them dangling on my ears, a graceful shape. They curve at just the right place. And of course, feathers!  I  knew a wonderful silver worker, Josef Reiter, Ojibwe and German, like me, who could make a pair of earrings just like them. I asked him, and he did. I thought maybe the luck had run out. But no! Every time I gave away my lucky earrings, one new pair after another, a good thing happened to me. Those who wore the lucky feathers had the same experience, even when they gave them away. Finally, it just got to be too much. I gave up spreading all the luck personally, and we began to stock them at Birchbark Books. And so far, the bookstore has survived. Small, independent, and very lucky. If you do buy these earrings, you are on your own. I cannot guarantee luck, of course, but I do promise you will look very cool." -- Louise