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Zuzu Patel

Owner of Hema.

I'm a small town mutt rescued from Joplin, Missouri by Hema and her family about five years ago. Why do I like The Ibis Trilogy by Amitav Ghosh? Well there are lots of mutts in these books' dash; a blend of people whose cultures and backgrounds are all tied together through the opium trade, which results in the opium wars. Book number one, Sea of Poppies, tells the interwoven tale of several island escapees who are running from accusations of mutiny, and end up on the deck of a schooner called Ibis, headed to what they hope will be a fresh start. The tales of these escapees created a legacy of cross cultural language, food, and art all mirroring the history of the Opium Wars. Other than reading this book I mainly watch squirrels outside my window, so you can imagine what a thrill I got from the pivotal love stories and nail biting twists of this book. These books helped me understand history through personal stories with a romantic touch, and what more could I ask for. This trilogy is rather fetching, wouldn’t you say? Enjoy!