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Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell is the lift the flap book every child will enjoy. It's a classic that continues to captivate the attention span of a variety of ages. In the book, the child is on the quest to find their perfect pet from the zoo. The zoo makes pet recommdations until they find the perfect fit—and the pet that makes the grade is one that any canine can stand behind! Perfect baby shower gift or holiday stocking stuffer/present for little ones 1 year to 4 years old. 5 woofs out of 5 woofs!!!

If you love reading Good Night Moon and Good Night Gorilla, your little one will love The Gruffalo. Have you not HEARD of the GRUFFALO??? NO? well, you should! My little one and her family love reading The Gruffalo. It has a rhythm like a traditional fairy tale and is soo silly that it can’t even be scary, but my little person loves the anticipation. This book has mores words than an average board book and can last little readers well into age 4. We give this book “5” woofs out of “5” woofs!

My family loves giving hugs! That’s why I love Goose Needs a Hug by Tad Hills. My family has a little one and she learned about giving hugs to friends from this book. Goose Needs a Hug is a book I like to read with my family, especially because momma and dad read with fun voices for Goose’s friends. My family’s parents like the book because it helps kids learn about empathy and social/emotional cues. The whole line of Duck & Goose books are a great read for any season. Goose Needs a Hug is great anytime, but looking for fall, Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin is also a winner in my book. I give it 4 “Woofs” out of 5 “Woofs”.